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About me

  • About me

    Hey, you want more Gs? Promote your Glogs everywhere! More visits = more Gs :)
  • Music

    i love all kinds EXCEPT certain country! My favorite songs are "Tie me down", "Battlefield", "Energy", and "Crush".


    I love a lot of movies. One is Marley and me. It might be sad but i love them all. I watch alot of tv shows, spongebob and many more!
  • Lifestyle

    Well, i have a big family!I have a sister named Dakota and my twin brother Lobo. My dogs names are Kenya the min pin and Bubba the mixed dog with everything.


    My favorite sports is basketball and volleyball!! I watch them all the time.
  • Arts

    I love to draw all of the time. I enter into alot of school contest to win

A Pack OF Puppies

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